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Our Finances

Finding Solutions, Changing Lives

Year 2015-2016


Full accounts are included in the Trustees Annual Report and Financial Statements for 2015-16, which have been filed with the Charity Commission.


The surplus on Fledglings’ trading activities covered about 41% of our expenses, and we work on the basis that this income will only ever cover a proportion of our costs. Our service is advice-based, and the most important outcome is giving our users the best information we can, regardless of whether it is likely to make a sale.


Whilst we operate on social enterprise principles, with all the surplus generated by our trading going to support the charity’s costs, our focus is on meeting needs rather than maximising income from product sales. Accordingly, we rely heavily on grant funding, donations and other event fundraising.


We were once again very grateful to receive awards from many charitable trusts and foundations, including:

The Charles Dunstone Charitable Trust
The Bramall Foundation
The Donald Forrester Trust
The David Brooke Charity
Souter Charitable Trust
Pilkington Charities Fund
St James’s Place Foundation
D C James Charitable Trust
Hugh Fraser Foundation
D J H Currie Memorial Trust
The Hedley Foundation
& many others


This year, we received £109,510 in total, including over £30,000 in unsolicited donations from supporters, service users, trustees and others, as well as from fundraising events.

We are immensely grateful to all those who have supported our work in this way.

Our gross income in 2015/2016 was £385,373, a 3.2% decrease on 2014/2015, and our total expenditure was £394,146. After discounting the direct costs of the supply of products, our net income was £186,774, of which 41% was the contribution from trading, and our net expenditure was £195,547.


Please follow this link to view our latest Annual Report.

Please follow this link to view our latest Annual Review.