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WhatLock Magnetic Locks
WhatLock Magnetic Locks
WhatLock Magnetic Locks

WhatLock Magnetic Locks

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Magnetically operated, invisible childproof locks for cupboards and drawers designed to be almost impossible for children (and adults) to open. Will only open with the magnetic key. Drill/screw holes are only needed on the inside to fix the lock in place.

  • Can be used on a variety of doors, cabinets and drawers such as bathroom cabinets, kitchen cupboards and drawers, desk drawers, meter cupboards.
  • Will help keep children and adults safe and away from harmful utensils and tools, prevents access to food cupboards at inappropriate times.
  • Contains powerful magnets, please do not use near credit cards, audio and video tapes/equipment etc.
  • Requires a drill and screwdriver to fit.

Available in sets:

  • Two locks with One magnetic key
  • Four locks and One magnetic key
  • Spare keys available (we recommend having a spare key to keep in a safe place in case you loose the original)