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Gripware Partitioned Scoop Dish
Gripware Partitioned Scoop Dish

Gripware Partitioned Scoop Dish

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This melamine dish has 6 non slip feet on the base to keep the dish stable and prevent spillages.  The Gripware Partition Scoop Dish has 3 compartments and high internal dividers between the sections. The high sides and dividers of the dish enable the user to push food onto their cutlery with ease, useful for those with reduced muscular control. The 3 sections also allow the food to be organised on the plate without mixing the foods up. This may help people who like their food to remain seperate on the plate, particularly helpful for those on the autistic spectrum.  

Dishwasher Safe

Do Not Microwave

Diameter: 22cm (8.5") 

Divider Height: 19mm