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Stay Warm Feeding Dish, eating, for disabled children.

Stay Warm Feeding Dish

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This dish has two compartments and a base into which warm water can be poured and sealed in before the meal is served, enabling food to stay warm for longer. Suitable for those who need to take more time when feeding. Each section has high sides, making it easier to push food onto the cutlery - ideal if you have reduced mobility or poor hand control.

Unscrew the cap to add water to the base - the handy cap can also be used as an egg holder. The Stay Warm Feeding Dish comes with a convenient transparent lid.

For added stability combine the Stay Warm Feeding Dish with a non-slip Dycem Mealtime Placemat.

  • Diameter: 22cm (8.5")
  • Internal compartment height: 3cm (1")
  • Microwave safe
  • Dishwasher safe