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Dr Barman's Superbrush

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The Dr Barman's Toothbrush has an angled head, so that each side and the top of the teeth can be brushed at the same time. This means fewer strokes are need to clean the teeth effectively, making the brush good for those who dislike having their teeth cleaned as well as those who may be particularly sensory.  This brush has been recommended by parents, occupational therapists and by a dental hygienist. 

Try using with Oranurse unflavoured toothpaste - an unflavoured toothpaste which does not foam, can help make toothbrushing a better experience for both adults and children.

Recommended for children and adults who have additional needs.

Available in 3 sizes - Up to 6 years, 6 -12 years and Adult Regular. 

Available in 4 colours - Pink, Lime, Light Blue, and Navy

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