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Dr Barman's Superbrush Multi-Angled Toothbrush

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Colours: Pink, Lime, Light Blue, Navy

Available in 3 sizes - Up to 6 years, 6 -12 years and Adult Regular.

We know that teeth brushing can be a challenge for both you and your child - especially if your son or daughter has a sensory processing disorder or doesn’t understand why they need to brush their teeth in the first place.

Dr Barman's Superbrush’s Multi-Angled head allows the sides and tops of teeth to be brushed at the same time and means fewer brushes are needed to clean your child’s teeth effectively.

Recommended by parents, occupational therapists and dental hygienists, try using Dr Barman’s Toothbrush with Oranurse unflavoured toothpaste - a toothpaste that doesn’t foam, making tooth brushing a breeze!


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