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Super Chews

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The Superchews are a one-piece chewing aid. Durable and resistant they are a good option for those who are seeking sensory stimulation through chewing and biting. Ideal for those with autism or additional needs. The Superchews come in 2 colours: the green one has a smooth surface, while the red version has a knobbly, textured prong for added sensory input.

The Superchews can help as;

  • An oral sensory aid, ideal for those on the Autistic Spectrum, who may need added stimulation and proprioceptive input.
  • A safe oral chewing aid - a safe alternative to biting on hands, knuckles, cuffs and clothing - thus avoiding the risk of choking on inappropriate objects
  • Helps to build oral strength and control
  • Can also be used as a tactile fidget aid, the D shaped end is great for grasping.

The Green chew is smooth.

The Red chew has a knobbly texture.

Made of Thermal Elastic Polymer (TEP), non toxic, latex free

Dimensions: (H) 12.2cm X (W) 10.2cm X (D) 0.5cm

Wash in mild soap and warm water

Always supervise use of the Superchew. Inspect before each use and replace when it shows signs of wear.