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All-in-one pyjamas can help keep the wearer warm, especially if they are inclined to kick off their bedding at night. They can also help to prevent smearing, especially the zip back version, as they can stop hands reaching the nappy. The convenient zip fastenings means that nappy changing can be done more easily at night.

These pyjama sleepsuits are available as either zip-front or zip-back, in a choice of materials (cotton jersey or fleece) and colours.

Zip Front Pyjamas

Front opening sleepsuit unzips from the front of the neck to the ankles in 3 easy zips. These suits allow easy access by opening completely for changing and/or feeding, night or day. The Zip Front pyjamas are useful if the wearer has limited mobility or stiffness in the limbs, making changing less stressful for them and their carer.

Zip Back Pyjamas

Zip back sleepsuit has a zip pull at the back of the neck. The zip is hidden under a flap of material that affixes with velcro. These suits feature integral feet with non-slip soles. The zip at the back means it is harder for the wearer to undress or access their nappy.

Machine wash 40 degrees

Tumbledry low heat 


Age Length(cm) Chest(cm)
3-4 82 72
5-6 88 76
7-8 97 82
9-10 105 86
11-12 112 90
13-14 121 94


Please allow 7 - 10 days for delivery