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Short Sleeve T-Shirt Body Vest, Protective clothing, for disabled children.
Short Sleeve T-Shirt Body Vest, Protective clothing, for disabled children.

Short Sleeve T-Shirt Body Vest

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10% discount available for Short Sleeve Style, Size Age 5-6

For families and carers who have a child or relative with additional needs, coping with incontinence can be a part of their daily routine. All-in-one vests and bodysuits are designed to help. The bodysuit vests are made from a soft cotton jersey fabric which allows the skin to breathe. The vests are styled to fit over the body and fasten with 3 poppers between the legs. The popper fastening allows the nappy or pad to be more easily changed, ideal for night times as well as when you are out and about.

Short Sleeve T-Shirt Body Vest - Has a short sleeve and has the advantage of looking like a normal T-Shirt when worn with other clothes. The short sleeve is an alternative to the sleeveless versions and can give the wearer added warmth on the shoulders and upper arms.

These vests are also available in different styles: 

The advantage of wearing bodysuits and vests are

  • The poppers at the gusset allow easy access when the pad or nappy needs changing, changing is less stressful for the carer and can take less time.
  • Worn under everyday clothes, the vests can conceal the nappy or pad, thus avoiding embarrassment or unwanted attention.
  • They can help prevent unwanted undressing at inappropriate times or places.
  • The vests and bodysuit are comfortable and can help keep the person warm.
  • Bodysuits and vests with popper access can keep the pad more securely in place, both during the day or at night time. It is harder for the wearer to get at their pad or nappy, helping with unwanted incidents of 'smearing'.
  • Cotton vest with popper fastening crotch.
  • 40 degree wash.
  • Do not tumble dry.

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