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Shortie Vest, Protective clothing, for disabled children.

Shortie Vest

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Colour: White, Black

Made from comfortable stretchy cotton lycra, these Shortie Vest is designed to be more close-fitting. Some people may prefer the feeling of a close-fitting vest, especially if they are sensory or on the autistic spectrum. The sleeveless vests have little shorts and poppers at the crotch, allowing a nappy to be changed easily. Measurements shown are of unstretched garment which is designed to stretch by at least 2 inches. The advantages of these vests are;

  • The poppers at the gusset allow easy access when the pad or nappy needs changing, changing is less stressful for the carer and can take less time.
  • Worn under everyday clothes, the vests can conceal the nappy or pad, thus avoiding embarrassment or unwanted attention.
  • They can help prevent unwanted undressing at inappropriate times or places.
  • The vests and bodysuit are comfortable and can help keep the person warm.
  • Bodysuits and vests with popper access can keep the pad more securely in place, both during the day or at night time.
  • The little short leg means that it can be harder for the wearer to get at their pad or nappy, helping with unwanted incidents of 'smearing'.

Measuring Guide

Age Body Chest
2-3 16"+ 19"+
4-5 17"+ 20"+
6-7 18.5"+ 21"+
8-9 20"+ 22"+
10-11 20.5"+ 24"+
12 22"+ 28"+
Teen 25"+ 31"+
Medium 27"+ 34"+
Large 28"+ 36"+