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The AquaPlane Multi-Functional Swimming Aid is designed to enhance the water confidence and technique of the swimmer. Suitable for children 15-30 kgs and ages 3 upwards.

The AquaPlane can be used in 3 ways;

  • Wear it - strap to the body to give extra support when the wearer is in the water, developing confidence when getting used to being in the pool.  Leaves the arms and legs free to develop and practise swimming strokes. Also helps and supports when the child is learning to swim on their back.
  • Hold it - if the straps are removed the AquaPlane can be used as a training aid, helping to develop your swimming stokes. Hold out in front while you practise kicking your legs, hold across the chest while swimming on your back.
  • Kick board, training tool - use as a kick board to develop strength and stamina.

Not recommended for children under 15kgs in weight or below 3 years of age.

The AquaPlane should always be used under constant adult supervision.

Please note: although the Aquaplane is a buoyancy aid which will support the wearer in the water, it is not designed to keep the wearers head free of the water. The AquaPlane is designed to help the wearer improve their swimming skills by encouraging them to practise their strokes.

Available in Blue or Purple

Watch the Aquaplane video here