Swimsters UP360
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Swimsters UP360

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Unisex Swimsters are lined with 100% polyester/polyurethane and can be worn under any swimming costume.  The reusable swimster has an integral waterproof lining, designed to hold and retain solid bowel movements for incontinent swimmers.

With their lower side profile, they can be worn on their own or underneath other swimwear. Not advised for those with diarrhoea or loose stools.

  • Discreet design - looks just like normal swimwear
  • A good fit is essiential, we advise measuring before ordering. The costume should be a 'snug' fit where the integral pant fits at the waist and top of the leg (If the fit is loose, it may leak)
  • Designed to be worn without a pad or nappy.
  • Enables the wearer to have more freedom in the pool or at the beach.
  • Reuseable and washable.
  • Can be worn on their own or underneath other swimwear if required.

Available in Blue or White

Measuring Guide

Age  Waist
3-4 41-53cm (16"-21")
4-6 43-56cm (17"-22")
6-8 43-61cm (17"-24")
8-10 45-68.5cm (18"-27")
10-12 51-76cm (20"-30")
14-16 53-81cm (21"-32")
Youth Up to 86cm (-34")
Adult Small Up to 97cm (-38")
Adult Medium Up to 102cm (-40")
Adult Large Up to 112cm (-44")