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TomTag - Component Pack
Tomtag collection, Learning Resource, for disabled children.
Tomtag in different colors, Learning Resource, for disabled children.
Tomtag Black Lanyard, Learning Resource, for disabled children.
Tomtag loop, Learning Resource, for disabled children.
Tomtag plain badges, Learning Resource, for disabled children.
TomTag - Component Pack

TomTag - Component Pack

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Colour: Blue, Red, Green

TomTag is an award-winning visual support system inspired by Tomas, a young boy with autism. With a unique and innovative design, this communication tool helps children and young people develop coping strategies to manage their day, using structure, organization, and predictability – at home, at school and when out and about.

TomTag has a positive effect on behaviour by reducing anxieties and frustrations and making it easier for your child to understand, follow, and remember what they need to do. It’s a visual support that children love to use.

Everything’s ready to go with TomTag’s colourful, sturdy tags, click-in buttons, and symbol stickers. Forget the faff of printing, laminating, and Velcro! All you need to do is personalize it – just pick, stick, click, and off you go.

Every schedule, timetable, or checklist you need to make starts with just one or more colourful tags and a pack of blank buttons. All the TomTag symbols have been grouped into categories relating to a specific topic, skill, or area of life.

How to use:

  • Pick the symbols that are going to help your child with the difficulties they have or areas you want to work on
  • Stick each symbol to a blank button
  • Click these into the tag in the order that they should be followed

When you need to change your list or make something new, just pick-stick-click again … and again … and again!

The TomTag - Component Pack contains the following products:

  • 1x Loop
  • 1x Black Lanyard
  • 40x Pack of Buttons
  • 3x Tags of your chosen colour option - Blue, Green Or Red

Please note the Component Pack does not include the Stickers. The TomTag Sticker Packs are sold separately here:

Watch how the TomTag Sticker Pack works