BugBrush Tooth Brush
Chewable toothbrush

Bug Brush Toothbrush

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The BugBrush Teething Toothbrush has rows of bristles on either sides, so when the child puts it in their mouth, the top and bottom teeth and gums are gently cleaned and massaged at the same time. This large, brightly coloured brush, has 10 times more soft bristles than any other toothbrush and is endorsed by dentists, as an aid to preventing infant tooth decay.  The BugBrush is a good way of introducing an infant to brushing their teeth in a fun way. This can be useful if a child is particularly sensory and finding oral care challenging. Use after meals or snacks. Can be used with or without toothpaste (please check fluoride in toothpaste is suitable for the child's age) 

BPA Free

Sterilizer Safe in cold water or rinse in water, hook over a cup to dry.