Classic Weighted Blanket

Classic Weighted Blanket

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Weighted blankets can be an effective therapeutic solution for those with a sensory issues such as Autism.  They can provide a soothing sensory stimulus through pressure on the body, similar to the feeling of being held, hugged or cuddled. This can have a calming effect, helping to relieve stress and anxiety. Weight is provided by plastic beads sewn into an inner lining for additional strength and comfort. Can be used on a bed or perfect for draping across shoulders. The Weighted blanket is CE marked and registered as a class 1 medical device. Made in the UK from durable poly-cotton outer with an inner lining.  Weighted blankets should always be used with adult supervision.

Important Information on weighted products

  • Always consult with an Occupational Therapist or health professional before using a weighted blanket or other weighted product.Weighted products should be used with suitable supervision at all time
  • They are not suitable for very young children
  • Use the correct weight of product, we would suggest that a weighted blanket for example does not exceed 10% of the users body weight. This weight recommendation is however only a guide, so please consult an Occupational Therapist or Health Professional.
  • The person using the weighted product should be able to remove it at all times; this is essential to prevent them becoming uncomfortable or over heated. Do not roll someone up in a weighted blanket under any circumstances.
  • Weighted products are not suitable for people with certain conditions such as epilepsy, heart conditions, breathing difficulties or circulatory problems.
  • The user should not be left under a weighted blanket over night as they can become overheated and uncomfortable. They are best used as an aid to relax a person before bed and while they get to sleep. Ideally, they should then be removed.


Colour: Blue

138cm x 110cm

Weight Blanket
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4.5kg Fire Retardant