Collis Curved Toothbrush
Collis Curved Toothbrush1

Collis Curved Toothbrush

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Colour: Blue, Green, Purple, Pink, White, Orange

The Collis Curved Toothbrush has curved bristles which arch over the head of the brush and meet in the middle. The bristles part when the brush is used, allowing both sides of the teeth to be cleaned. At the same time, short bristles at the base of the head, brush the top of the teeth. Fewer brush strokes are needed to clean the teeth and gums, helping those who tire easily or those who find oral care stressful and uncomfortable.

Suitable for children and adults with sensory issues. The narrower brush head and softer bristles can also help a carer or parent accustomise their child to having their teeth cleaned.

Available in 2 sizes - Junior and Adult.

  • Junior: Appearance of the first molar
  • Adult soft: Appearance of most adult teeth

Recommended by parents, occupational therapists and dental hygienists, try using Dr Barman’s Toothbrush with Oranurse unflavoured toothpaste - a toothpaste that doesn’t foam, making tooth brushing a breeze!