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Girls One Piece Swimsuit - Daisy, Swimwear, for disabled children.
Girls One Piece Swimsuit - Daisy, Swimwear, for disabled children.

Girls One Piece Swimsuit - Daisy

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Colour: Daisy
10% discount available for Size Age 3-4

With this Girls One Piece Swimsuit, your child is guaranteed to have the freedom and confidence to enjoy the beach or the pool. An integral waterproof pant helps contain accidents in the water, and its discreet design – looking just like standard swimwear - means your child can swim without fear or embarrassment.

  • Hi-Line range of swimwear offers modern designs using high-quality fabrics
  • Wide choice of colours, styles, patterns and sizes available
  • Integrated pant has a silicone seal at the waistband to provide containment for more liquid or solid fecal matter in the pool
  • Designed to be worn without a pad or nappy
  • A good alternative for your child as they grow out of the disposable swim nappies available on the high street
  • Have a fashionable scooped back
  • Made from 20% Lycra and 80% Multifibre
  • Lightweight and washable.
  • 40 degree wash
  • Do not tumble dry

    A good fit is essential. We advise measuring before ordering. The costume should be a 'snug' fit where the integral pant fits at the waist and top of the leg (if the fit is loose, it may leak).

    Measuring Guide






    53-58.5cm (21-23")

    51cm (20")

    28-33cm (11-13")


    58-63.5cm (23-25")

    53cm (21")

    33-37cm (13-14.5")


    63.5-66cm (25-26")

    55.5cm (22")

    37-40.5cm (14.5-16")


    66-70cm (26-27.5")

    58cm (23")

    38-42cm (15-16.5")


    70-75cm (27.5-29.5")

    61cm (24")

    40-46cm (15.5-18")


    75-80cm (29.5-31.5")

    63.5cm (25")

    40.5-48cm (16-19")

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