Kura Care Cutlery Sets
Kura Care Cutlery Sets1

Kura Care Cutlery Sets

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The moulded handles are contoured to fit fingers, encouraging them to hold the cutlery in the right position so that they can feed themselves. The dimples on the knife and fork keep the thumb in the right place, while the spoon has a handy rest at the back to stop the spoon sliding around the bowl.

This cutlery helps with a weaker grip. Excellent value cutlery is sold as a set. The handles are made of white polypropylene with blue, red or yellow decoration (to distinguish knife, fork and dessert spoon) in the Junior set. The utensils are manufactured from stainless steel.

Latex free

Dishwasher Safe

Available in 2 sizes: Junior and Senior

Junior sizes

Handle Length: 10cm (4")

Total Length: 14.5cm (5.5")

Senior sizes

Handle Length: 13cm (5")

Total Length: 19cm (7.5")