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Pop up sensory dark den, images of light up toys on the left hand side, showing bright light rainbow colours and balls, for children with disabilities
Pop up sensory dark den, sensory integration, for children with disabilities
light up toy squishy red smiling face ball with tentacles, for children with disabilities
colour changing egg showing blue, for children with disabilities
Spectra glow ball, for children with disabilities
fibre optice torch, light up wand, for children with disabilites
moon and stars light showing light shadows against a dark backdrop, for children with disabilities
4 bug eye toys showing in each colour lit up red blue green yellow, for children with disabilities
Light up play box toys, a blue egg light up sphere, a light up wand, bug eyes toys in red yellow green and blue, a light moon and star projector for dark den, for children with disabilities

Sensory Pop Up Dark Den & Light Up Play Box

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Our Sensory Pop Up Dark Den & Light Up Play Box is a very easy to use enclosure that pops open under its own sprung tension. It can be set up in a living room or the corner of a classroom. This is the larger of or our two pop up dens and is suitable for two adults (sat cross-legged inside) or three children. 

The den has a zipped window at the rear so you can peek in to see what's going on inside. It comes with loops inside to attached light-up toys to and a set of pegs and ties so it can be set up outside in the summer.

The pop up den has been developed to offer an alternative to a permanent sensory room, it is portable, light and very affordable. Once open, it provides a safe environment that is ideal for use with projectors and illuminated toys.  

The pop-up pod provides a safe and enclosed area for sensory exploration. The pop up construction means that these items can be instantly set up for use, then quickly folded down and stored away in the carry bag included. 

  • Not recommended for those with epilepsy.
  • Use under adult supervision.
  • Size: 120cm x 120cm x 120cm.
  • Age: Suitable from 5 years.
  • *Toys come in a plastic storage tub with a lid.

This great value pack comes with our Light Up Play Box which has 9 fun light-up toys to use in your sensory pod:

  • 1 x Fibre Optic Torch.
    - Versatile and great fun colour changing fibre optics.
    - 3 x AA batteries not included.
  • 1 x Starlight Projector. 
    - Small projector unit that projects a starry sky across the ceiling.
    - 4 x AA batteries not included. 
  • 1 x Colour Changing Egg. 
    - Watch the egg change colour before your eyes.
    - 3 x Non-standard batteries included.
  • 1 x Light Up Sensory Stick. 
    - Tap the tactile spiky massage ball and watch the stick light up.
    - Non-standard batteries included.
  • 1 x Micro Fibre Optic light.
    - Colourful fibre optic light.
    - 3 x AG13 batteries included.
  • 1 x Glow Ring. 
    - Pop it on your finger and watch it change colour.
    - Non-standard batteries included.
  • 1 x Electromite. 
    - Tactile fidget toy that flashes.
    - Non-standard batteries included.
  • 1 x Spectra Glow Ball. 
    - Tactile ball that flashes when bounced.
    - Non-standard batteries included.
  • 1 x Bug Eyes. 
    - Tactile fidget toy with great big flashing eyes.
    - Non-standard batteries included.
Please note: Contents may vary slightly. Some of the items require batteries.
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