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special needs feeding equipment

Eating, Drinking & Oral Care

Finding Solutions, Changing Lives

Children and adults with special needs amy ahve a physical or sensory condition that can make eating, drinking and looking after their teeth difficult - for both them and their carer. The right information and equipment can help to make things a little bit easier.


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Biting & Chewing

Many people with special needs will bite or chew, especially those on the Autistic spectrum. There may be a range of reasons for this such as frustration, stress, anxiety, the desire to communicate or the need for sensory stimulation.


Oral Care

People can find tooth brushing uncomfortable and upsetting if they have a sensory processing disorder or don't understand why they need to have their teeth brushed in the first place. There are a number of products that make tooth brushing easier.


Eating & Drinking

Adaptive cutlery, crockery and cups can offer a child or adult a range of solutions to help them eat and drink. Many people may experience difficulties with eating and drinking due to a wide range of conditions such as a reduced grip, restricted movement, lack of muscle control or sensory issues.