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Bubble Tube Floor Lamp

Bubble Tube Floor Lamp

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The Bubble Tube Floor Lamp helps with relaxation, developing visual skills and stimulates the senses. It has an array of changing colours and moving bubbles that attract attention and has a relaxing effect. 

LED lighting is an ideal resource for a sensory room. The Bubble Tube Floor Lamp also has fake fish and balls that swim in the tank. It can help stimulate children's senses and is great for those who have special needs. 

Easy to use and set up, just simply fill with water and fish and plug it all in! The product switches on and off at the base and you can alter the colours. The LED lights are bright yet energy-efficient, being cost-effective to run. The Bubble Tube's pump emits a gentle hum that can help a child relax and go to sleep.

The Bubble Tube is decorative and provides a calming sensory stimulation which can also help children with bedtime routines. 

  • Ideal product for any classroom, home or sensory zone
  • Provides a tracking activity that helps to improve visual development & communications skills
  • Has a calming effect and helps develop visual skills
  • Size: 105cm tall

Watch how the Bubble Tube Floor Lamp works