Groovz Arm Guard
Groovz Arm Guard

Groovz Arm Guard

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Colour: Pink, Green, Black

    The Groovz is a great stable arm guide. Groovz Arm Guard can help people with impaired upper limb function to stabilise themselves, enabling them to perform useful tasks with their hands that they may not otherwise be able to manage. Ideal for those with limited dexterity and poor muscle control.

    Groovz attaches to desks, trays and other surfaces with and hook and loop fastener which sticks well to surfaces that suction cups won't hold on to (such as textured plastic trays). Clean and degrease the surface and stick down the hook and loop fastener pad provided.

    Groovz requires in excess of 20kg force to remove. Place the forearm into the guide and secure with the strap if required.

    Can be used in conjunction with a Grabzi Holder to reduce involuntary movements, improving improve hand control.

      Please note: Groovz are hand-made and some mottling of the colour often occurs in the manufacturing process. This does not affect the function of the product in any way.