Chewbuddy Bangle
Chewbuddy Bangle
Chewbuddy Bangle

Chewbuddy Bangle

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The chew measures 7cm across with the wrist "opening" measuring 5cm in diameter. The gap in the bangle means it will fit over larger wrists and also makes it easy to put on and remove - it will suit both children and adults alike. The chewy bangle provides a discreet and safe oral motor chewy for those that have a need to chew. The hexagonal shape provides a large biting area and the nodules around the outside provide additional sensory input.

The Chewbuddy Bangle is a medical grade sensory chew designed and made in the UK.

Particularly good for those who chew on cuffs or those that don't like to wear something around their neck.

Weighs 15g so you could put 2-3 on a wrist to provide a bit of comforting weight.

  • A safe alternative to chewing on fingers, cuffs, pencils and toys.
  • A oral tactile fidget toy for sensory seekers craving proprioceptive feedback
  • Made in the UK from medical grade, FDA approved material.
  • Can be sterilsed or cleaned by popping in the dishwasher
  • Blue or red
  • Latex free