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Chewy Tubes

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The Chewy Tubes are a T-shaped resilient chewing aid. The tubes compress when the users bite down on them, choose the resistance strength to suit your needs.

Helps as an oral sensory aid, ideal for those on the Autistic Spectrum, who may need added stimulation and proprioceptive input. It is a safe alternative to biting on hands, knuckles, cuffs and clothing - thus avoiding the risk of choking on inappropriate objects. It helps to build oral strength and control, improving biting and chewing skills, and can also be used as a tactile fidget toy.

  • Dimensions: 8cm x 6cm (3" x 2")
  • Non-toxic, latex-free, made of Thermal Elastic Polymer (TEP)
  • Clean with mild soap and water
  • Always use under adult supervision
  • Inspect before each use and replace when it shows signs of wear

Available in 4 different colours, each colour has a different level of biting resistance:

Colour Resistance
Yellow Soft
Red Medium Soft
Green Medium
(has a knobbly handle for added sensory input)
Blue Firm