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Dycem Mealtime Placemat

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  • Roll Style, Standard Size in Blue and Red Colour

Colour: Blue, Red

A non-slip material with a variety of uses. It grips on both sides so can be used under plates to prevent movement and spills or on desks to keep stationery in place.

The Dycem Placemat has a non-slip tacky surface that is ideal for keeping plates and cups in place during meal times. This can be very helpful if you have limited dexterity, reduced hand and arm movement or an unsteady grip - making mealtimes less stressful and reducing mess. Combine with a high sided scoop dish for added stability - great for those feeding one-handed. Also good for writing, school work and studying, keeping keyboards and stationary stable on a tray or table.

The Dycem roll can be cut into strips, which may be wound around handles to improve grip. Dycem may be cut into shapes and stuck onto other surfaces e.g. chairs to prevent slipping.

Wash with warm soapy water to restore tackiness after constant use.

Available as a Placemat, or as a Roll

Placemat Roll
Standard 25cm x 18cm 2metres x 20cm
Large 35cm x 25cm 2metres x 40cm