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Litecup, for disabled children.
Litecup, for disabled children.
Litecup, for disabled children.


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Litecup is the only reduced spill children's cup with an integrated night light! 

The comforting night light means the cup can be placed anywhere near your little one's bed and still be easy to find - it is also light sensitive so you don't need to remember to turn it off! 

The Litecup is the only spill-proof cup with an integrated nightlight. which means your child can always see their drink in the dark so that they won’t knock it over, make a mess – and wake you up.  The Litecup supports independent mess-free drinking for your child - day or night! 

A softer approach, that makes drinking easier.

Unlike many non-spill valve cups and beakers – where you have to suck harder than you do on a bottle to drink – Litecup has a softer approach.  The innovative 360-degree valve opens with a small suck, stays open while you drink, and then automatically seals when your lips leave the cup.  It also means you can drink from anywhere around the rim. Which is more natural, just like a regular cup. Being able to sip from the rim makes the cup helpful for drinking in a reclining position or those with limited neck mobility.

The Litecup is spill-proof, but not 100% leak-proof - if your child holds it upside down and shakes it vigorously small drops will leak. 

  • The effective non-spill valve minimizes life's frustrations and clean-up time from knocks, tipping and spilling
  • The cup rim supports bottle/beaker to cup transition - important for long term oral health
  • 360-degree cup edge means you can drink from anywhere around the rim
  • Light and robust for everyday use.
  • Great for travelling or camping.
  • The integrated comforting night-light means the cup can be placed anywhere around the bed.
  • The night-light means your child will never lose their cup at night.
  • It's light-sensitive - so you don't even need to worry about turning it on or off
  • Easy to clean
  • Not suitable for fizzy or hot drinks
  • Capacity 330ml. 
  • Height: 17cm (6.5")
  • Illuminated base (replacement batteries - CR2032).
  • Dishwasher safe - please note the light base must be washed by hand not put in the dishwasher

Please Note: This item is not a toy.