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Making your home safe is important, especially if you are caring for a child with additional needs. For all homes it is recommended that you fit smoke alarms, carbon monoxide detectors and fire guards, but there are other products that can help make your home a safer place to live. These include, window locks, door ajar clips, window and door alarms and cupboard and appliance locks. With a combination of products, you can help secure kitchen cupboards and drawers, as well as preventing accidents and falls. Many children find plugs sockets and switches fascinating so don’t forget your plug socket and switch covers.

When you are out with your family, there are adapted products which can make your journey easier. These include strong walking reins for larger children and even adults as well as backpacks with a handy detachable rein. Portable changing mats and a radar key are also handy must haves for holidays and days out.


Making your journey easier and safer - adapted product solutions for travelling, days out and holidays.

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Home Safety

Helping to create a safe and stress free environment, product solutions to help to prevent accidents and mishaps at home.

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Stair gates can be an essential piece of safety equipment for those with young children or a child with special needs. They can prevent accidents on the stairs or stop a child entering a hazardous space such as a kitchen – especially when food is being prepared or cooked. For a family looking after a child with additional needs they can be a vital element in keeping the home safe.

There is a wide range of stair and safety gates available. When choosing one it is important to think about the size you need and if the gate will fit the space it is intended for. Some families will be looking for a taller gate as a child gets older or need maybe they will need extender bars to make the gate fit a wider space (some brands come with extenders as an option, others don’t) It would be a good idea to take some accurate measurements and look at the various gates carefully to see if the fittings will be appropriate and easy for you to fit.

Higher stair/safety gates are available. These are often requested by families as a child gets older. Sometimes they are marketed as ‘pet’ gates, designed to keep pets away from the family areas of the house and separate them from younger family members and children. Be aware that these are might not be specifically designed with children in mind.

There are a few things to consider if you are thinking of using a safety/stair gate.

• Even though you have a stair or safety gate fitted, the child or person with additional needs should not be left unattended.
• Children can often work out how to open the gates or learn to clamber over them, especially as they get older or if they are particularly active. Again supervision is recommended.
• Particular care should be taken at night. If a stair gate is used to prevent a child going down stairs at night be aware that there remains a risk that they could still work out how to get through the gate and fall. A sensor alarm may help here to alert the carer that the child is out of their room.
• Barriers or internal doors in the home should not be locked. In the event of a fire or flood it is essential that access routes out of the house or home are not permanently secured.

Higher Safety gates
Often taller safety gates are designed to separate children and family members from pets. Pet gates can be a good option for families. Please see below for links to suppliers;
Please find below links to supplier of taller stair gates

Baby Dan extra tall pressure gate and flex gate

BabyDan -

Some of our families have used a pet gate - Pets at Home

There are other versions available, please note Fledglings does not recommend one product over another.
Please note: check the gate will fit the space it is intended for, always measure and ask the supplier or manufacturer for advice if you are not sure.